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African Centered Education
  African Centered Education is the means by which Africans pass down from one generation to the other the core elements of African culture -including the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills needed to maintain and perpetuate that culture. Its aim is to build commitment and competency within present and future generations to support the process of African Rebirth and Nation building.


What's New in ACE
  The Heads of State and Government of the African Union met in Khartoum, Sudan on January 2006 and made some historic decisions: On the political front, the Summit reaffirmed that the ultimate goal of the African Union is the full political and economic integration of the continent leading to the United States of Africa.


Frequently Asked Questions
  What is African Centered Education?

African Centered Education places the African student at the center of the educational experience as a subject rather than an object. This placement of the student at the center allows for an inclusionary process, which gives equal representation of all groups rather than one group over or below any other group.



Philosophy & Vision
  A Global Citizen rooted in his/her own culture

The ACE Foundation believes that true multicultural education is the key to a brighter tomorrow in the Global Village. Knowledge of one’s history and culture instills pride, unlocks creativity and promotes academic excellence. School curricula must be designed to produce an international citizen proudly rooted in his/her own culture with open arms reaching out to other members of the human family.

Strategic Vision

Education for African Renaissance

A shift of paradigm in African Leadership has sparked a new strategic vision for the continent and the Diaspora. This new vision of Africa can only be viable if the African Youth is imparted with its values and principles at the earliest age. One mission of the ACE Foundation is to develop school curricula and educational programs to accompany the African Renaissance Project and to contribute to its long-term success.


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