About Us

The African Centered Educational Foundation is an International NGO working in the field of educational research and development. Africans from the continent and the Disapora initiated the foundation in 1996. The ACE Foundation currently has offices in Western and Southern Africa and works on projects in the six regions of the African Union.

“ A Global Citizen rooted in his/her own culture”

The ACE Foundation believes that true multicultural education is the key to a brighter tomorrow in the Global Village. Knowledge of one’s history and culture instills pride, unlocks creativity and promotes academic excellence. Once self-knowledge is acquired, it is also important to teach children the truth about other people. School curricula must be designed to produce an international citizen rooted in his/her own culture with open arms reaching out to other members of the human family.

Strategic Vision
“Education for African Renaissance”

A shift of paradigm in African Leadership has sparked a new strategic vision for the continent and the Diaspora. This new vision of Africa can only be viable if the African Youth is imparted with its values and principles at the earliest age. One mission of the ACE Foundation is to develop school curricula and educational programs to accompany the African Renaissance Project and to contribute to its long-term success.

Our Objectives

  • To develop and promote African centered educational programs for students at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels for adoption by authorized schools and universities in all countries of the African Union and the African Diaspora;

  • To set up a network of African Union International Schools in Africa and in the Diaspora to deliver the Standardized African Centered International curriculum aimed at grooming the future leaders of Africa and the world.

  • To develop, administer and promote African centered international examinations for authorized schools giving access to university studies in all countries;

  • To take such actions as are necessary to support these purposes, including but not limited to educational research, curriculum and assessment development, teacher ‘s training, publishing of appropriate textbooks and educational materials;

  • To consult and collaborate with governmental, intergovernmental, educational and other institutions with the aims of promoting African Centered Education.


Since its creation, the ACE Foundation has worked primarily in Research and Development, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, and Youth Leadership Development. The Foundation has developed two African Centered school models: The African American Academy and the African Union International School. The African Union Council for International Education accredits these schools. Other Educational programs have also been developed for Youth and Adults. ACE Foundation also produced several Publications in the field of African Centered Education.

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