The African Renaissance Youth Camp

The African Renaissance Youth Camp is a 5-day educational program organized by the ACE Foundation for children aged 7 through 23. Conceived in the spirit of African Renaissance, the activities of the Camp are aimed at instilling in the young Africans a sense of pride, self- determination and commonness of purpose through the study of their history and their culture. This in turn promotes academic excellence and encourages the development of leadership talents.

Program Content
  • Principles of African Renaissance & Nationhood
  • African History and Culture.
  • African Languages
  • The Institutions of African Renaissance
  • Leadership Skills and Critical Thinking
  • African Arts and spirituality

Knowledge is imparted in a fun and interactive manner through story telling, role-play, games, songs, dance, movies, etc.

What To Bring For The Camp
  • Clothes for 5 days
  • Toiletries and 2 towels
Location of theCamp

53 West Road
President park, Midrand 1685

 To register for the next Youth Camp please fillup the registration form and and the indemnity form and return it with your proof of payment to ACE Foundation.

African Renaissance Youth camps take place 4 times a year during school breaks. The most popular of the camps is the Kwanzaa Youth Camp which takes place every year during the Kwanzaa period ( 26-30 december)

Past camps have been organized in partnership with the Kara Heritage Institute, The SAPS Youth desk and the embassy of Senegal. For more information about our Youth Camps, please contact us

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