African American Academy

Also known as the American School of Bonaberi, the African American Academy is K-12 International School created in 1998 by the ACE Foundation as a pilot project. Located in Douala, Cameroon, the Academy offers a holistic and multicultural curriculum leading to International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID). Our graduates have gained admission in the best universities in the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Philosophy and Values

The African American Academy seeks to cultivate in children the drive for academic excellence.
Our unique pedagogical methods cultivate in all children in the confidence in their abilities and the drive for academic excellence. Our success rate is close to 100%

We believe in holistic education which promotes the total development of the child: Education that feeds the intellect but leaves the spirit starving is incomplete. While the African American Academy is not a religious school, students are imparted values such as honesty, fairness, integrity, trustworthy, respectfulness, service to community etc. It is in the development of the character that education succeeds.

The African American Academy fosters true multiculturalism. It is imperative that children of all cultural backgrounds learn first about themselves and their history. Knowledge of self instills pride, unlocks creativity and nurtures the development of leadership talents. Once self knowledge is acquired, it is important to teach children the truth about other people. This promotes mutual respect for the members of the human family, lending to a positive and peaceful world.

Curriculum Guidelines

Preschool Programs

Our Montessori inspired curriculum focuses on preparatory writing and reading skills, number concepts and mathematical vocabulary, sensory and perceptual development, body coordination, environmental awareness and cultural understanding. Character development is also emphasized.

School Programs K-12


Our curriculum is designed to give to a pupil a mathematical mind and a love for science. The most modern tools are trained to meet the highest of international standards.


All students of the Academy must become proficient users of the computer. Children must first acquire general computer knowledge and key boarding skills. They are introduced to various software packages as well as internet. Advanced students are taught at least one programming languages..

The language of instruction is American English. However, all children must learn and master Swahili, the sole official African language of the African Union. Students are also encouraged to learn French and a second African language.

Social Studies

True multiculturalism is at the root of our program. The curriculum is designed to produce an international citizen deeply rooted in his/her own culture and history, with open arms reaching out to others members of the human family.


Arts grooms refinement and promote the best in civilized society. Courses in various forms of art are offered.


Located on a spacious property in a quiet neighborhood, the African American Academy offers an environment highly conducive to learning. All classrooms are air-conditioned. Television, video cassette recorder and multimedia computers are standard tools of instruction. The average class size is 10 pupils. This low student-teacher ratio allows for individualized attention and tailor made instructional techniques. Each student can thus bring out the best of him/herself.


We seek teachers that have a burning desire to bring the best out of our children. Our teachers must possess the necessary professional expertise and be in agreement with the philosophy and values of the School.


Parents’ involvement in the education of their children is required by the Academy. It is also a sign of love that children appreciate. All families must be active in the Parent-Teacher Association, which plays a crucial role in the governance of the school.


Discipline begins in the home and is vital to the education to the education process. Teachers will work closely with parents to ensure that each child develops self-discipline.

Enrollment Policy

The African American Academy is highly selective of its students. Selection criteria include: academic achievement, character traits, social maturity, and parents’ involvement. To maintain high standards, classes are kept very small. Parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

University Placement Program

The Academy offers an excellent university preparatory program. With our international diplomas, students easily gain admission in the world’s top universities. For some study destinations, our academic advisors may also assist graduates with students visa, housing and academic assistance abroad.

Education is priceless. It is the only treasure you can give to your child. Don’t settle for less. Give to your children the best education you can afford.

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